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Shipping heavy equipment and specific materials is SKS’ core competence.

Our company was founded in the industrial area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a goal to provide transportation for large industrial enterprises. With nearly three decades of experience in industrial transportation, we have the capability to move heavy hauls and equipment for building and construction logistics like no one in the industry.

Building and construction logistics involves moving different types of cargo: oversized equipment, tractors, panels, large steel items, culverts, concrete, masonry, roofing materials, stone slabs, etc. Transporting raw supplies for building and construction equipment to remote areas may be challenging, costly and complicated. Here is where our carrier network and advanced solutions step into the game.

Why Partner with SKS for Construction Equipment Shipping

CAPACITY SKS has established relationships with more than 45,000 reliable carriers across the United States and Canada. Our team of logistics professionals provide 24/7 customer service and can provide capacity for any common or unique shipment you may have.

  • All types of van or flatbed
  • All types of over-dimensional permit freight
  • Hazardous material movement
  • Last-minute time-sensitive expedited freight

SERVICEWith our dedicated freight management professionals and track & trace capabilities, we ensure your shipments are scheduled, managed and monitored to your specifications. Not sure what type of truck you need? Our freight management professionals can easily determine which truck type best suits your shipment needs in order to expedite your shipment efficiently and economically.

TECHNOLOGY Building and construction logistics are complicated and involves a lot of processes, data, and payments. Consolidating all of the information in one place and efficiently managing loads can be challenging. Due to the large freight volume and time-sensitivity, building and construction logistics requires consistency and transparency.

We have built a custom-tailored transportation management system (TMS) to efficiently manage your freight and reduce overall transportation spend. Our on-demand reporting functionality allows customers to know exactly where your current market trends are, and our innovative dashboards are customizable so you can have access to what you need at your fingertips.

We can tackle any transportation challenge that you’re facing with our experience and logistics solutions. Like no other in the industry, we know the specifics of the industrial sector and can deal with any arising problems.

Building & Construction Logistics with SKS

Let us be your one point of contact for all your transportation needs! With our dedicated freight brokerage teams and guaranteed capacity, we can provide efficient logistics solutions for you.


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Flatbed Shipping

We have one of the most extensive flatbed trucking networks in the industry, allowing us to secure the capacity necessary to handle all of your flatbed shipping needs.

Specialized Shipping

We monitor your specialized freight shipments to ensure they are delivered to the destination on-time. If a disruption occurs, we will notify you in real-time so that you can alert your customers.

Inbound Freight Management

SKS’ inbound freight management services provide you with enhanced visibility and control over your inbound shipments. We’ll work with you and your vendor to simplify shipment planning, dock scheduling and receiving methods.


Our transportation management system provides you with real-time freight track and trace capabilities. Real-time notifications let you, your customer and your vendor know when your freight will be arriving.

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